ZbigZ is a Canadian based torrenting company that launched in 2012. Everything works online, and there is no requirement to download anything. They have a mobile application that is supported by Android.

The first impression of Zbigz is rather dull. The website does not give much information right away, and you have to wait for the slider, for more information. It is not easily navigable, and it is somehow confusing. Where is the pricing option? Where are all its features? Their organization of the website is absolutely horrible. 

Zbigz landing page

How does it work?

You can use some of Zbigz’s features without registration, but to get all the features you would have to fill out the form. Just like any other cloud torrent downloader, you copy and paste the torrent link to download it. Some of the features include online streaming as you can stream files directly without downloading. 

Download speed was ok; it kept up with its competitors and downloaded a 3 GB movie in about 6 minutes.

Zbigz has SSL, and HTTPS encryption integrated into their system, so this makes sure that any data sent is encrypted. There is no support for integrated antivirus, so you have to be careful with some things you might download. All downloads are anonymous, and no IP is ever shown. 

Plans and pricing

Zbigz offers four plans for its users with payments options of Bitcoin, Paypal, SMS, and more through resellers.

The free plan expires after a few days and allows you to download 1 GB file size.

1 Month Premium has unlimited speed, storage, file size, bandwidth and HTTPS protocol. Price is $9.99

3 Month Premium has all the same features as the one month for $24.

6 Month Premium has the same features and is for $48.

1 Year Premium is for $84 also with the same features.

Basically, each plan has the same features and options; time is the only thing that has changed.

Zbigz Prices

I wanted to stop using the service after one week, so I contacted support for a refund. It took three days to get back to me, which is super slow. Also, they did not want to give a refund and said they had no money-back guarantee. They terminated the account, and I got no money back. 


Zbigz is very hard to navigate at the beginning. It is hard to find the prices, features, etc., and the site is poorly designed and needs a significant upgrade. The system itself works fine. There are many payment options. Support was slow in getting back to me, which is always worrisome. If Zbigz fixed some of these problems, it would move up in the rankings. Zbigz falls to number 6 in our rankings. 

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