Torrentsafe is a Thai based cloud torrenting platform. A big plus for Torrentsafe is that it bypasses restrictions on torrent activity by administrative regulations. No download nor registration is required to access the service. But once you want to upgrade to a premium account, you have to register. 

Torrentsafe main page

Upon arriving on the Torrentsafe website, you will find a straightforward page which includes all the information you need to know, including an FAQ. This is much more convenient than having to go through multiple pages to find what you are looking for. The white and blue palette sits well on the eyes.

How does Torrentsafe work?

Torrentsafe is no different than its competitors in the way the torrents get downloaded. Everything happens in the cloud after you copy a link to the torrent file. All files will be accessible in the cloud for streaming and viewing. The speed of download is reasonably fast. Torrentsafe does not have antivirus inside, so you might download harmful files. 

They don’t have accounts in the usual terms as other has. Instead, you get a special code when you pay (more on this in Plans and Pricing) and using this code you get access to downloading anywhere. 

Their storage is almost non-existant, but you can play some of the media files using the built-in media player in your browser.

Plans and Pricing

Torrentsafe offers a free option. You will be able to download three files per month with a maximum file size of 10 GB. This capacity is not enough for any serious torrenting, but it allows the user to try the system out. The other options they offer is a monthly subscription for $3.96, and if paid annually then $3.33. There is also a 1-month pass for $5.69.

Torrentsafe is third on our list and almost a close second. It is easy to use, provides all the necessary information, and the price is just right. 

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