is another cloud torrenting platform that made its debut in 2011. Just like its competitors, there is no need to download any software and all you need is an internet connection. There is the option of using a free extension for your browser.

Filestream Logo

Their landing page gets the point across, and you know immediately what the company does. The colour scheme could be a little different but information is more important. The only thing missing is the pricing on the homepage. 

How does it work?

First, you have to register, even if you use their free option. Then you can copy and paste the link files to begin your download. Just like other cloud torrent downloaders, they store everything in the cloud and not on your computer. You can view your torrents directly in the admin. The download speed is fast and is right up there with its competitors.

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I finished a 3 GB download in about 5 minutes. With torrents that had fewer seeders, it took a little bit longer. Filestream downloading is anonymous and private. Your IP address is hidden, and everything has SSL encryption. 

How secure is assures anonymous downloads, as they stated that they hide your IP address and nobody can see it. All your downloads and data are strictly personal. Account sharing is forbidden according to their terms. If they catch such an act, they will immediately block the account. uses SSL encryption which analyzes data that travels through. If you ever feel unsure and get the idea of using a VPN service, might not work properly, such as reduced download speeds. 

Plans and memberships offers four different plans for its users. Payment options are Mastercard/Visa, Payza, Onecard, Neosurf, Payssion, Bitcoin, Paymentwall, Paysafecard, and SafetyPay. 

Free Plan: Max file size of 200 MB with a storage space of 200 GB. The storage space is great, but with a max file size of 200 MB, you cannot really download much. But, you can do partial downloads, and download from private torrent trackers. You have unlimited monthly downloads and unlimited files. They don’t restrict your speed, and your IP is hidden. Everything has SSL encryption. Your downloaded files will stay in the storage for three days. 

With the bronze plan for $29.4 paid yearly, you have 2.5 GB max file size and 500 GB storage. The free plan includes all of the mentioned features. You have a dedicated server, five parallel downloads to the cloud, video and audio streaming and file conversions. 

Filestream Pricing

With the silver plan for $54.60/year, you have a max file size of 25 GB, and 1 TB of storage. You also have everything that is in the bronze plan as well as 5 GB of downloads from services providing premium content. 

Their last plan is the Gold plan for $79.80/year. Max file size is 100 GB with 1 TB of storage. You have everything that is in the silver plan as well as 100 GB downloads from services that have premium content. 

As you can see from their plans, to download larger files, you must settle for the gold plan, which I do not think is fair to the users. The Free plan does not allow you almost to download anything at all. Also, not having a limit on the days the file can be stored sounds strange to me. There is also no built-in antivirus to protect you from harmful files. 


To sum up, offers a lot of features but feels a bit tricky. A user almost automatically has to get the gold plan to download torrents properly. No built-in antivirus is a big minus. These slips are the reason why is 5th on our list. 

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  2. They don’t seed. Would be nice to say it at the main page because then you would not loose account like me. And they support private trackers, jokes, jokes. STAY AWAY

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