is a Hong Kong-based torrenting company that was launched in 2012. With, you don’t have to download any software, but user registration is required to access the service. For me, is in the top 10 best deals when it comes to cloud torrenting services.

Premiumize Logo ensures anonymous downloads and a hidden IP address. They also use SSL encryption, which ensures the security of the data that travels through. There is no antivirus integration, which could potentially be a problem for the user. does offer file host unlocking, cloud torrenting, Usenet file fetching, a VPN, and VoIP. You will be able to access geo-restricted sites.

A little about

The landing page is clean and easy to navigate. There is one problem that I’ve found, and that is the lack of information. They do not have many details listed on the home page, and you have to go through multiple pages until you find everything.

How does Premiumize work?

Just like most cloud torrent downloaders, works the same way. You find a torrent file that you want, and you copy the link into the platform. The download starts automatically. It is not stored on your computer, only in the cloud.

Plans and memberships

There is one big negative to, and that is its pricing. The main drawback is that there is no free trial, so you have to pay automatically to start using the system.

They only offer one package which you can pay monthly, trimonthly or annually. Monthly price is €8.99, three months is €19.99, and annually is €59.99.

Their payment options are Mastercard/Visa, Crypto Currencies, and other resellers.

They have a “point” system, which you do not find on the homepage anywhere or any other page, till after purchasing the premium plan. You have a certain amount of points that you get to “use” before the month is over. For example, 1 point equals to 1gb of storage. Some features use points, and some do not. It is a rather complicated system.

Premiumize Prices

If you use the VoIP feature, it will use points at the rate of 1 point = €0.01, depending on the traffic, network, country, and the device called. Some users believe that the speed is limited to the number of points you have left.

Torrents and other downloads can bypass any restriction from private torrents. Users may re-upload and seed their files during their download. If you want to seed more than the standard limit, you will have to request the support. Data stored in the cloud also take points. You will be using 1 point per 1 GB of storage space used on the cloud. You can delete the files on the cloud, and the points will be refunded to your account.

Nice touch is that you dont need to download nothing extra to download torrents, and everything can be done in the web browser. To use their VoIP and a VPN feature, you have to download extra extensions/plugins/apps. The plugins are mostly free, so it is not that big of an issue. Pay attention when surfing the web with their VPN, as some sites take a lot more points than others.

If you happen to run out of points, and you do not want to wait until the month is over, they offer a booster package. Their options are 1000 points for €7.99, 3000 points for €19.99, 6000 pts for €29.99, and 12000 points for €49.99. They can be paid for with Visa/Mastercard, cryptocurrencies, Paypal, wire transfer and resellers and points can be used in any service on

Conclusion has its drawbacks, but in my opinion, it comes as second on our list. It needs to offer a free trial, remodel its website and user interface, and then it would be a contender for the first position.

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  1. They limited their cloud downloads to max 10 downloads at once without any queue. It is a big change from the older version and their promotional materials don’t mention it at all. Customer care hides behind the fact that they can change their Terms at their will to change from the previously promoted feature. The new UI is soo bad, how could anyone think of it as of upgrade?

  2. Does anyone have positive experience with the torrent downloader? Was either too slow or fucked up my ratio. Thanks a lot, but will download elsewhere

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