So far, we have found that is our number one ranked cloud torrenting site. A Czech platform launched Bitport in 2014. It offers customers an easy to use the platform, with anonymous high speed downloading. They have many integrations, which include Google Drive, Roku and more. Here are the reasons why it is our number one choice.

How it works does not require any desktop software, that means you don’t have to download some programs, which is a great advantage over other downloaders. Downloading torrents with Bitport is very easy, you can do it by copying and pasting a torrent link into their platform. The interface within the website is very easy on the eyes, clean, and responsive.

Bitport files

How does the downloading process work?

Find the torrent file that you want to download. Copy the link, and paste it in the add torrent box on the website. The download happens in the cloud on Bitport server, so you do not have to worry about storage space or internet speed. Bitport chooses the best server, depending on your country for the download. After the download has started, you can even shut down your computer, and the download will continue. With a regular torrent downloader, I would have my downloads interrupted with my internet dropping and other issues. This problem does not happen with since the download has nothing to do with your internet or physical location.

When the download is complete, you can download the file to your PC or leave it in the cloud. You can view the files directly in the web browser. The beauty of having everything browser-enabled is that you can view the torrents on just any device. If it has an internet browser, then you can access Bitport to see all your files.

Another great tool is using FTP server to store and share files. This feature allows smooth movement between files and easy viewing on your TV, for example.

A big plus to Bitport for being able to integrate with many mainstream systems, for example FTP, IDM, VLC, Roku, AppleTV, Kodi, Google Drive, and more. Recently they implemented an option to auto-sync with your PC, so your torrents get instantly downloaded to your PC once they have reached the Bitport cloud. These features, in my opinion, have put them on top of the competition.


Security is a crucial topic when it comes to torrenting. Bitport has SSL certified security, and it keeps all of the user’s data private and anonymous. There is a built-in antivirus that scans all files, just to keep you extra safe. You have to give some personal information when signing up. But as far as downloading torrents, it is entirely anonymous, and your IP address is nowhere to be seen.

They have a very detailed FAQ and integration page, which have answered most of my questions. I did have to reach out to support one time, and they got back to me within 24 hours, which could be faster. I believe it should be 12 hours maximum.

Plans offers a choice of 4 plans, and with the options of payment being Credit Cards, Paypal, Bitcoin and more.

There is a Free Plan, which includes cloud storage space of 1 GB. You are limited in the number of daily downloads, and you cannot download simultaneously. Download speed is not affected between the plans, so you can test out the super speed with the Free Plan. In the Free Plan, you won’t have your files virus scanned.

The next plan is the Small Plan. This plan offers the storage of up to 30 GB. You can download up to 5 files simultaneously, and you are able to download unlimited amounts of data. The antivirus scanning is integrated into the download, and it will filter and block any harmful files from being downloaded. This plan is for $5 per month.

Next is the Standard Plan, which is a massive upgrade over the Small Plan for just $10 per month. In this plan, you have 100 GB of storage, and you can download up to 10 files at the same time. With the Standard Plan, you also can sync instantly with your Google Drive. It also has the Small Plan features, like antivirus scanning.

The biggest plan is the Big Plan. With the Big Plan, you have 250 GB of cloud storage as well, as the ability to have up to 20 downloads running simultaneously. You can, of course, download an unlimited amount of torrents at high speed. Antivirus protection, Google Driver sync, and more features are built into this plan.

You get what you pay for

There are a lot of settings to customize various parts of the account to your preference, for example, font size and notifications. There are also speed tests and more. All plans offer a money-back guarantee to make sure that every user is happy.


Lastly, after testing many torrent downloaders, came out on top. I am a big fan of user-friendly modern designs that integrate with as many things as possible. I am also happy with the download speed and the security it provides. They offer a coupon code – CLDNET2018 which you can redeem here:

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