Torrenting on Chromebook

The BitTorrent is one of the fastest ways to share files on the internet. Music, movies, books and more. It is a protocol that depends on peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing. Meaning that, other people who have the files are sharing it with each other. That way, the file is broken into smaller pieces where every use has a piece. When you download a torrent, you connect to your “peers” and download part of the file from each one of them.

You don’t do it manually, a BitTorrent client software takes care of connecting, downloading, and putting together the complete file. At the end, you have the downloaded material sitting on your hard drive.

Torrent files, or torrents, are little documents that contain all the instructions the BitTorrent client will need to complete the process successfully. People who have the file and upload it are called “seeders.” The more seeders there is the higher the download speed because you will be downloading the files from multiple connections.

Downloading torrents on Chrome OS is difficult but it’s not impossible. No BitTorrent client can work on Chromebook. But all hope is not lost, you can download torrents on your Chromebook using a cloud-based torrent client.

Cloud-Based Torrenting

BitTorrent client apps aren’t allowed on a Chromebook, but cloud-based services can make it possible to download torrents without installing any software on your devices whatsoever. These services work by handling the downloading process on their servers, which save you time and storage space as you don’t download the files to your local device.

You just put the torrent link inside the cloud-torrent client and let it download it for you. The server will take it from there, connecting to seeders, and download the files without you ever interfering with the process again except for using the downloaded files.

After the download is completed, you can stream the file from the server or save it to your hard drive.

Cloud-based torrenting services such as offer many options such as extra storage, high-speed download, and the ability to save the files to your Google Drive. You can start with a trial account which allows you to use all of the functions but in a limited capacity. For example, you can download up to 1 GB for free. protects your privacy by keeping you anonymous all the time. It is one of the most straightforward ways to start torrenting on Chromebook and Chrome OS.

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