ZbigZ is a Canadian based torrenting company that launched in 2012. Everything works online and there is no requirement to download anything. They have a mobile application that is supported by Android.

The first impression of Zbigz is rather boring. The website does not give much information right away and you have to wait for the slider for more information. It is not easily navigable and rather confusing. Where is the pricing option? Where are all its features? The website is absolutely horribly organized.

How does it work?

You can use some of Zbigz’s features without registration but to get all the features you will have to fill out a form. Just like any other cloud torrent downloader, you copy and paste the torrent link for it to be downloaded. Some of the features include online streaming as you can directly stream files without downloading.

Download speed was ok, it kept up with its competitors and downloaded a 3gb movie in about 6 minutes.

Zbigz has SSL, and HTTPS encryption integrated into their system, so this makes sure that any data sent is encrypted. There is no integrated antivirus so you have to be careful with some things you might download. All downloads are anonymous and no IP is ever shown. There is no antivirus integration, so be careful with what you download.

Plans and pricing

Zbigz offers 4 plans for its users with payments options of Bitcoin, Paypal, SMS and more through resellers.

The free plan expires after a few days and allows you to download 1gb file size.

1 Month Premium has unlimited speed, storage, file size, bandwidth and HTTPS protocol. Price is $9.9

3 Month Premium has all the same features as the one month for $24.

6 Month Premium has the same features and is for $48.

1 Year Premium is for $84 also with the same features.

Basically, each plan has the same features and options, time is the only thing that has changed.

Zbigz Prices

I wanted to stop using the service after one week, so I contacted support for a refund. They took 3 days to get back to me, which is super slow. Also, they did not want to give a refund and said they had no money back guarantee. They terminated the account and I got no money back.


Zbigz is very hard to navigate at the beginning. It is hard to find the prices, features, etc. The site is badly designed and needs a major upgrade. The system itself works fine. There are many payment options. Support was slow in getting back to me, which is always worrisome. If Zbigz would fix some of these problems, it would move up in the rankings. Zbigz falls to number 6 in our rankings.


Yourseedbox Logo

Yourseedbox is Belgium based and started in 2008. There is no requirement for software download but you have to go through the website host fusa.is, where all the control panels are accessed.

The fusa landing page is rather bad. It is a mix of orange, brown and white, which is not easy on the eyes. It feels like they did not update the website since 2008.

How does it work?

As the name indicates, it is for seeding files. They offer many plans which I will go through later. Their system has SSL and HTTPS encryption that protects users’ data. There is no antivirus integration so be careful for harmful files and malware.


There is no free plan so no chance to test out their system risk-free. Their plans are separate to dedicated seedboxes and shared seedboxes. Payment options are Wire Transfer, Visa/Mastercard, Bancontact, Bitcoin, iDeal, Belfius, Western Union and Sofort Banking.

Yourseedbox Cloud

There are 5 different dedicated seedbox plans; D-160G, D-250G, D-500G, D-1T.

All the plans have a dedicated IP and a Network speed of 1Gbit. The torrent limit is unlimited and they have a dedicated server. They also have the reseller function, sharing box, sharing direct download, FTP/HTTPS/HTTP download, and dedicated disk access. Upload traffic is unmetered and download traffic as well.

The only changes in the plans are the amount of storage, minimum dedicated CPU power, and min dedicated RAM.

Shared Seedboxes offer torrent cloud storage of 100gb/torrent. Network speed of 1Gbit+, HTTP/HTTPS/FTP, sharing box allowed, sharing direct download, public trackers, no max share ratio limit, unmetered upload and download traffic, direct delivery. Only changes in plans are the TorrentFlux Storage and active torrents.

Yourseedbox Features


Yourseedbox is a torrenting platform offering dedicated and shared seedboxes.There are in total of 12 different plans to choose from. There is no free trial, and there is no refund.


Torrentsafe is a Thai based cloud torrenting platform. A big plus for Torrentsafe is that it bypasses restrictions on torrent activity from administrative regulations. No download nor registration is required to access the service. Once you want to upgrade to a premium account, you will have to register.

Once arriving on the Torrentsafe website, you will find a very simple page which includes all the information you need to know, including an FAQ. This is much more convenient than having to go through multiple pages to find what you are looking for. The white and blue palette sits well on the eyes.

How does Torrentsafe work?

Torrentsafe is no different than its competitors in the way the torrents get downloaded. Everything happens in the cloud after you copy a link to the torrent file. All files will be accessible in the cloud for streaming and viewing. The speed of download is fairly fast. Torrentsafe does not have antivirus built in so it is possible to download harmful files.

Plans and Pricing

Torrentsafe offers a free option. You will be able to download 3 files per month with a maximum file size of 10gb. This is not enough for any serious torrenting but it allows the user to try the system out. The other options they offer is a monthly subscription for $3.96, and if paid annually then $3.33. There is also a 1-month pass for $5.69.

Torrentsafe is third on our list and almost a close second. It is easy to use, provides all necessary information, and the price is just right.


Premiumize LogoPremiumize Me is a Hong Kong-based torrenting company that was launched in 2012. With Premiumize me, you do not have to download any software, but a user registration is required to access the service. For me, Premiumize me is in the top 10 best deals when it comes to cloud torrenting services.

Premiumize me ensures anonymous downloads and a hidden IP address. They also use SSL encryption, which ensures the security of the data that travels through. There is no antivirus integration, which could potentially be a problem for the user. Premiumize me does offer file host unlocking, cloud torrenting, Usenet file fetching, VPN, and VoIP. You will be able to access sites that were Geo-restricted.

A little about Premiumize.me

The landing page is clean and easy to navigate. There is one problem that I found, and that is the lack of information. They do not have much information listed on the home page and you have to go through multiple pages till you find everything.

How do Premiumize works?

Just like most cloud torrent downloaders, Premiumize me works the same way. You find a torrent file that you want and copy the link into the platform. The download then starts automatically. It is not stored on your computer, just in the cloud.

Plans and memberships

There is one big negative to Premiumize me and that is its pricing. The main drawback is that there is no free trial so you have to pay automatically to start using the system.

They only offer one package which can be paid monthly trimonthly or annually. Monthly price is €8.99, 3 months is €19.99 and annually is €59.99.

Their payment options are Mastercard/Visa, Crypto Currencies, and other resellers.

They have a “point” system, which you do not find on the homepage anywhere or any other page, till after purchasing the premium plan. You have a certain amount of points that you get to “use” before the month is over. For example, 1 point equals to 1gb of storage. Some features use points and some do not. It is a rather complicated system.

Premiumize Prices

If you use the VoIP feature, it will use points at the rate of 1 point = €0.01, depending on the traffic, network, country, and the device called. Some users believe that the speed is limited to the number of points you have left.

Premiumize me can bypass any restriction from private torrents. Users may re-upload and seed their files during their download. If you want to seed more than the standard limit, you will have to make a request from support. Files stored on the cloud also take points. You will be using 1 point per 1 gb of storage space used on the cloud. You can delete the files on the cloud, and the points will be refunded to your account.

To download torrents, nothing extra needs to be downloaded and everything can be done in the web browser. To use their VoIP and VPN feature, yu have to download extra extensions/plugins/apps. The plug ins are mostly free so it is not that big of an issue. Pay attention when surfing the web with their VPN as some sites take a lot more points than others.

If you happen to run out of points and do not want to wait till the month is over, they offer a booster package. Their options are 1000 points for €7.99, 3000 points for €19.99, 6000 for €29.99, and 12000 points for €49.99. They can be paid for

If any day you run out of points but still there is more days left for the next subscription, you can buy a booster package or buy a booster package, there are 4 available according to the user’s needs first one is 1,000 points for €7.99, the second one is 3,000 points for €19.99, the third one is 6,000 points for €29.99 and the last one is €12,000 points for €49.99. Of course, they can be paid through any payment method mentioned above and they can be used or any service in Premiumize.me


Premiumize me has its drawbacks but in my opinion it comes in second on our list. It needs to offer a free trial, remodel its website and user interface, and then it would be a contender for first.


Filestream LogoFilestream.me is another cloud torrenting platform that made its debut in 2011. Just like its competitors, there is no need to download any software and all you need is an internet connection. There is the option of using a free extension for your browser.

Their landing page gets the point across, and you know immediately what the company does. The color scheme could be a little different but information is more important. The only thing missing is the pricing on the homepage.

How does it work?

First, you have to register, even if you use their free option. Then you can copy and paste the link files to begin your download. Just like other cloud torrent downloaders, everything is stored in the cloud and not on your computer. You can view your torrents directly in the admin. The download speed is fast and is right up there with its competitors.

Filestream Title

I finished a 3 GB download in about 5 minutes. With torrents that had less seeder, it took a little bit longer. Filestream downloading is anonymous and private. Your IP address is hidden and everything is SSL encrypted.

How secure is FileStream.me?

Filestream.me assure anonymous download, as they stated that they hide your IP address and nobody can see it. All your download and data are strictly personal, account sharing is forbidden according to their term, if they catch such act they will immediately block the account. Filestream.me use SSL encryption which analyzes data that travels through. If ever feel unsure and get the idea of using a VPN service you may but Filestream.me might not work properly such as slowing down.

Plans and memberships

Filestream.me offers 4 different plans for their users. Payment options are Mastercard / Visa, Payza, Onecard, Neosurf, Payssion, Bitcoin, Paymentwall, Paysafecard, and safety pay.

Free Plan: Max file size of 200 MB with a storage space of 200 GB. The storage space is great, but with a max file size of 200 MB, you cannot really download much. You are able to do partial downloads, and download from private torrent trackers. You have unlimited monthly downloads and unlimited files. Speed is also not limited and your IP is hidden. Everything is SSL encrypted. Your downloaded files will stay in the storage for 3 days.

With the bronze plan for $29.4 paid yearly you have 2.5 GB of max file size, and 500 GB storage. Everything in the free plan is included. You have a dedicated server, 5 parallel downloads to the cloud, Video, and Audio streaming and file conversions.

Filestream Pricing

With the silver plan for $54.6/ year you have a max file size of 25gb, and 1 TB of storage. You also have everything that is in the bronze plan as well as 5gb of downloads from services providing premium content.

Their last plan is the Gold plan for $79.8/ year. Max file size is 100gb with 1 TB of storage. You have everything that is in the silver plan as well as 100gb downloads from services that have premium content. 

As you can see from their plans, in order to download larger files you must settle for the gold plan, which I do not think is fair to the users. The Free plan does not allow you to almost download anything at all. Also not having a limit on the days the file can be stored is strange. There is also no built-in antivirus to protect you from harmful files.


Overall filestream.me offers a lot of features but feels a bit tricky. A user almost automatically has to get the gold plan in order to download proper torrents. No built-in antivirus is a big minus. This is why Filestream.me is 5th on our list.


Cloudload LogoCloudload is a cloud torrenting platform that started in 2012 and does not require any software download aside an extension for Chrome. Another option is also an iOS and Android App.

Cloudload landing page gives all the information you need; what they are, what they do, different pricing plans and more. It is very easy to navigate, responsive, and has a great overall feel.

Cloudload Title

How to use Cloudload?

With Cloudload, you can search files across the web directly in the platform and add them to your Cloudload account. It offers streaming online with subtitles, which is a convenient feature if you do not want to download the file. You can also copy and paste torrent file links to download them. Everything will be stored online in your account and will not take any space on your PC.

Security and Privacy

Cloudload has an integrated antivirus that scans every single file that you are about to download. Therefore you do not have to worry that you would download something harmful. At the same time, all files are stored in the cloud and not on your computer. That is as safe as it gets.

Cloudload Howitworks

All downloads have your IP address hidden and therefore are anonymous. According to Cloudload’s terms of conditions and privacy, they do not store any password or login details. Everything is HTTPS secured and assures data security.

Plans and Pricing

Clouadload offers a free 7-day trial. This allows you to test the platform and its features. If you are interested in upgrading to a premium account, they offer 5 different options. Mini, Medi, Mega, Maxi, and Tera.

Mini ($5.98/month) offers 40gb cloud space, 5 simultaneous transfers, unlimited transfer speed, SSL secure privacy, antivirus protection and global streaming.

Medi ($9.98/month) offers 100gb of cloud space and 10 simultaneous transfers and the features of Mini.

Cloudload Pricing

Mega ($17.98/month) is for more serious torrenters with 500gb cloud space and 15 simultaneous transfers and all the features of Medi.

Maxi ($29.98/month) has 1000gb of cloud space with 20 simultaneous transfers and all features of Mega.

Terra ($49.98/month) is for the torrent collectors with 2000gb of space and 25 simultaneous transfers and all other features of Cloudload.

Users can only pay with Visa/Mastercard. Unfortunately, no other payments are accepted.

The plans are a little bit more expensive than our competitors and the payment option is lacking.


The website is clean and easily navigable. Prices are a little bit larger than its competitors. Costumer service is slow and takes a while to respond. With all of this in mind, Cloudload makes the fourth place on our list.


So far, we have found that Bitport is our number one ranked cloud torrenting site. A Czech platform launched Bitport in 2014. It offers customers an easy to use platform, with anonymous high speed downloading. They have many integrations which includes Google Drive, Roku and more. Here are the reasons why it is our number one choice.

How it works

Bitport.io does not require any desktop softweare to be downloaded which is a great advantage over other downloaders. Downloading torrents with Bitport is very easy and is accomplished by copy and pasting a torrent link into their platform. The interface within the website is very easy on the eyes, clean, and responsive.

Bitport files

How does the downloading process work?

Find the torrent file that you want to download. Copy the link and paste it in the add torrent box in their platform. The download happens in the cloud on their server, so you do not have to worry about storage space or Internet speed. Bitport chooses the best server depending on your country for the download. After the download has started, you can even shut down your computer, and the download will continue. With a regular torrent downloader, I would have my downloads interrupted with my Internet dropping and other issues. This does not happen with Bitport.io since the download has nothing to do with your Internet or physical location.

When the download is complete, you can download the file to your PC or leave it in the cloud. You can view the files directly in the web browser. The beauty of having everything browser enabled is that you can view the torrents on just about any device. If it has an internet browser, then you can access Bitport to view all your files.

Another great tool is using FTP server to store and share files. This allows for easy movement between files and easy viewing on your TV for example.

A big plus to Bitport for being able to integrate with many mainstream systems, for example; FTP, IDM, VLC, Roku, AppleTV, Kodi, Google Drive, and more. Recently they implemented an option to auto-sync with your PC, so your torrents get instantly downloaded to your PC once they have reached the Bitport cloud. These features, in my opinion, have put them on top of the competition.


Security is a very important topic when it comes to torrenting. Bitport has SSL certified security and keeps all of users data private and anonymous. There is a built-in antivirus that scans all files, just to keep you extra safe. You do have to give some personal information when signing up, but as far as downloading torrents, it is completely anonymous and your IP address is nowhere to be seen.

They have a very detailed FAQ and integration page which have answered most of my questions. I did have to reach out to support one time, and they got back to me within 24 hours, which could be faster. I believe it should be 12 hours maximum.


Bitport.io offers a choice of 4 plans and with the options of payment being Credit Cards, Paypal, Bitcoin and more.

There is a Free Plan, which includes cloud storage space of 1gb. You are limited in the number of daily downloads and cannot download simultaneously. Download speed is not affected between the plans so you can test out the super speed with the free plan. In the Free Plan you will not have your files virus scanned.

The next plan is the Small Plan. This plan offers storage of up to 30gb. You have the ability to download up to 5 files simultaneously and download unlimited amounts of files. The antivirus scanning is integrated into the download and will filter and block any harmful files from being downloaded. This plan is for about $5 per month.

Next is the Standard Plan, which is a big upgrade over the Small Plan for just $10 per month. In this plan, you have 100gb of storage and can download up to 10 files at the same time. With the Standard Plan, you also have the ability to Sync instantly with your Google Drive. It also has the Small Plan features, like antivirus scanning.

The biggest plan is the Big Plan. With the Big Plan, you have 250gb of cloud storage as well as the ability to have up to 20 downloads running simultaneously. You can, of course, download an unlimited amount of torrents in high speed. Antivirus protection, Google Driver sync, and more features are built into this plan.

There are a lot of settings to customize various part of the portal to your preference, for example, font size and notifications. There are also speed tests and more. All plans offer a money back guarantee to make sure that every user is happy.


In conclusion, after testing many torrent downloaders, Bitport came out on top. I am a big fan of user-friendly modern designs that integrate with as many things as possible. I am also happy with the download speed and the security it provides. They offer a coupon code – CLDNET2018 which you can redeem here https://bitport.io/voucher